All Aboard!

Amie is playing against Nyla in a sealed PPTQ. Amie casts , and Nyla lets it resolve. Amie says “look at six,” immediately grabs the top 6 cards of her library, and starts to look at them. Nyla calls for a judge. What do you do? Submit your answers here, and join us on Judge Apps for the answer!

Not So Fast, Mr. Monstrasaur!

Ames is playing against Netty at an Ixalan Sealed PPTQ. Netty is tapped out when Ames untaps on his turn 5. Ames draws for turn, then immediately uses one hand to tap his 4 lands, and the other to put a land and a  into play, both tapped and saying “Attack for 5”. Netty says “I guess I take the 5.” As life totals are being adjusted, Netty notices that the land Ames played was a , and calls for a judge. When you ask Ames, he says that he was playing quickly to conserve time, and

Classically Confident Confidanting

Anker is playing against Nite in a Modern PPTQ. Anker controls a Dark Confidant. He untaps, points at his creature, says “Confidant Trigger” and draws a card. Anker proceeds to say “Draw for turn?” Nite calls for a judge and explains that Anker didn't reveal the card that he put into his hand from the Dark Confidant trigger. What do you do? Judges submit your answer here!

Temple of Oops

At a Modern PPTQ you are the Head Judge of, Ashton is playing against Naomi. Ashton plays his land for turn, a . Ashton picks up the top card of his library, looks at it, sets it back down on the table. Ashton thinks, and then picks up the card and puts it into his hand. Naomi immediately calls for a judge. What do you do?    Judges feel free to answer on Judge Apps!

Grim Speculation

You're the Head and only judge of a Modern PPTQ. Arielle is playing against Nice. Arielle controls a and he activates Liliana's -2 ability, searches and finds a card. She then shuffles her library and puts that card on top of it. Arielle then attacks with a , and Nick blocks with a . They go to combat damage, both creatures die, then Arielle says “draw for Haruspex” and draws a card immediately. Nice reads , points out that the card shouldn't have been drawn, and calls a judge. What do

About to get Domi-nated

August is playing against November at your Modern PPTQ, it's a third game of the final match. November controls several creatures, he has no cards in hand, 1 life and is fully tapped out. August controls 8 lands, he has 3 cards in hand and 1 life. August casts , activates its +1 ability, looks at the top card of his library for a moment, then grabs it and puts it into his hand. November is about to stop him, but it's too late. Both players immediately call a judge. August has 2 s, and a

Not all Gideons are Allies

Abel is playing in a Standard PPTQ against Nick. Abel taps 4 , declares ‘Cast ’, and puts a card from his hand onto the table. He then says ‘make a knight’, and puts a 2/2 Knight Ally token into play, and says ‘your turn.’ After he draws for turn, Nick is evaluating the board state and notices that the card in play is , not Gideon, Ally of Zendikar. The players call for a judge, and when you arrive you verify that there is in fact a Gideon, Ally of Zendikar in Abel's hand, he simply

Once again through the Grizzle

Andy is playing against Nole in a Competitive REL Legacy tournament, and controls a morph and a . During Andy's declare attackers step Nole casts targeting Grizzly Bears. Andy responds by paying 's morph cost and turning it face up. Andy puts the Grizzly Bears into the graveyard and says “draw trigger”. Nole casts  in response, putting two creatures onto the battlefield. After Collected Company has resolved Andy passes the turn to Nole who realizes during his draw step that Andy forgot

Light in the Darkness

At a Modern PPTQ Atari is playing against Nintendo. On her first turn Atari plays an and passes the turn. Nintendo plays a and a and passes after both players have revealed their top cards. During Nintendo's end step Atari casts targeting herself, it resolves and she puts the top 3 cards into her graveyard, then flips the next card on top of her library, and then begins to draw that card. As she is drawing, Nintendo realizes what has happened, stops her and calls a Judge. What do you do? Judges

Look Ma, No Hand!

Anya is playing against Natalie on day 1 of a Grand Prix. In game 2 of the match Anya activates her 's first ability, discarding a card and saying “create a zombie.” She searches the Hour of Devastation Bundle box she is using for her deck box for a zombie token, and can't find one immediately, so takes the contents out of the box and puts them on the table. She searches some more, finds the zombies, deploys them, then returns everything to the box. Returning to the game, Anya and Natalie