“Meat and eggs. We eat!” – Borborygmos

Peyton and Penelope are playing in your PPTQ. During round 3 they finished their match early, and went and got lunch from the Chinese restaraunt next door. They returned to their table and ate their lunch. You just announced pairings for round 4, and notice that they left their to-go boxes at the table they were eating at, as well as empty drink bottles, and some spilled General Tso's sauce. Players are moving to their seats, and the two players now paired at the table have arrived and point


****WARNING: POTENTIAL TRAUMA TRIGGER LANGUAGE**** You're Head Judge of a PTQ. One of the players - who also happens to be a judge that you know - comes up to you and says, "Hey, Freddy is over there telling everyone how he 'bent over and raped' his last opponent. I don't know about you, but I find that really offensive." Before you can say a word, Jorge, one of your event judges says, "Really? Again?!? I just warned him about that last round!" You confirm that Jorge did register an Unsporting