Wrapped Away

You are a floor judge watching Allie and Nemo play in a sealed PPTQ. Allie is attacking Nemo with her . Before the combat damage step, Nemo casts targeting the and says, “Exile the Guardian before damage.” Allie moves her Labyrinth Guardian card on top of her other exiled cards and then looks at her hand, thinking about which creature to cast after combat. What do you do? Feel free to answer on Judge Apps!

The Lathnu Time I’ll Forget!

Anduin and Nythendra are playing in a Kaladesh/Aether Revolt Sealed PPTQ. On Anduin's turn, he casts . Nythendra has no response, and Anduin says “Gain 2 energy?” Nythendra nods approvingly. Anduin then asks if he can go to combat, and attacks with the Hellion and a . Nythendra says “no blocks”, and both players adjust life totals. Anduin then says “Go.” Nythendra untaps and draws a card, then proclaims "Hey, you didn't get energy for the  dealing damage to me!“ Anduin's replies

Be Patient, then Dash!

At a PPTQ you're head judging, Art attacks Nin with a Dashed . The players calculate damage, then Art passes the turn. Nin takes her turn, then passes back the turn. Art attacks with the Berserker again on his next turn, pumping it multiple times with its activated ability. With the last of those activations on the stack, Nin calls you over and points out that the Berserker should have been returned to Art's hand at the end of his last turn. When you investigate further, you learn that Art had

A Fall from Grace?

You are the only judge in a Modern Masters 2015 Sealed PPTQ. Angus is playing against Neil. Angus swings with his , saying "exalted" as he taps it, and Neil says, "No blocks." Angus takes his pen and says, "So you take 5 damage." He writes this down and continues, "and I gain 5 life." Neil disagrees because Angus didn't announce the lifelink trigger from the Angel when he attacked, and calls you. What do you do? Judges, feel free to discuss this scenario on Judge Apps! As Charles noted,

I mustache you a question

You are the head and only judge for a standard PPTQ. Adam is playing against Norbert. Norbert controls a . Adam controls an and an . Adam starts his turn saying “Untap, Upkeep, Draw" and draws his card for turn, he then slams on the table saying, "Target you!" to Norbert. Norbert then says, "Hold on, are you sacking something or taking 2?" Adam calls for a judge and says that Norbert missed his trigger. What do you do? Judges, feel free to discuss this scenario on Judge Apps!

Rebound swinging

You're the head and only judge at a limited GPT. Amy is playing against Neil, and controls and . As Amy is about to enter her combat phase, Neil casts on her , placing the spell sideways beside his graveyard. Amy thinks for a bit and decides not to attack with her Surrak and passes the turn. Neil draws for his turn and proceeds to attack with his . As Amy is about to block, Neil realizes his is still in exile, and calls you over. What do you do? Judges, feel free to discuss this scenario

No Pain, No Gain

Ari and Ned are playing against each other in round 3 of a local GPT. On turn four, Ari untaps the he attacked with last turn and says ‘Seer trigger’. In response, Ned casts a , killing the Seer. Once the spells resolve, Ari draws his card for turn, then realizes he didn't reveal it for the trigger. You're called over. What do you do? Judges, feel free to discuss this scenario on Judge Apps!

When Speeds Collide

You are the only judge at a Limited GPT. Andy calls you to the table and says: "Last turn Nina attacked with those two creatures." He is pointing at a tapped and a tapped . "She dashed the Zurgo, and then forgot to shuffle the Shrieker and return the Zurgo to hand, just saying go." You ask some questions and find out Andy has drawn a card for his turn, played and was in the middle of casting a creature when he noticed Nina did something wrong. After a brief investigation you conclude no cheating


You are watching Angela and Nefertiti play their match in a Standard GPT. Angela controls with 2 counters represented by a die. She casts , grabs two cards off the top of her library, taps a Plains, rolls her die to 3, and declares Myth Realized as an attacking creature. Nefertiti looks up at you and says, "Judge? Didn't she miss that trigger?" What do you do? Judges, feel free to discuss this scenario on Judge Apps!

A-rushin into trouble

You're watching the last match of round 3 of a Dragons of Tarkir/Fate Reforged Limited PPTQ. Anna controls and , while Nalick controls no creatures. On her turn, Anna casts , points at her Champion of Arashin and says, "Both triggers on champion," then attacks with the Champion of Arashin and Anafenza. Nalick looks at his hand for a few seconds before saying, "No Blocks." Anna says, "Ok, so you take eight... no wait, ten! I didn't put the bolster counter on champion!” Nalick looks at you and says,