It’s Time to Drain the _________

You are the Head Judge of your local Standard PPTQ. You have collected all the decklists and round 1 has begun. While ensuring that all of the lists are present, you notice that one player has a blank line with a number next to it on his decklist. He is playing Black/White control, and has registered

(42 other cards)
4 Concealed Courtyard
6 Plains

What do you do? Consider when you would like to talk to the player, what you’re going to tell them, and what infractions and/or penalties they will receive.

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As the Head Judge, you have the option to not apply Decklist Problem here. The player has submitted what appears to be an illegal decklist, but it is obvious that the card in the blank is Swamp. Double check that the player is indeed playing Swamps, and after the round find them and let them know that you fixed the list and to be more careful in the future.

Making the Cut

You are judging at a standard PPTQ. While performing a beginning of round deck check, you see that Osiris is playing with 59 cards in his main deck and 16 in his sideboard. Upon counting his decklist, you read there are actually 59 main deck and 16 sideboard registered. His sideboard lists the following:

3 Never // Return
2 Insult // Injury
3 By Force
4 Magma Spray
2 Harsh Mentor
2 Cut // Ribbons

You bring Osiris to the deck check table and ask him about the problem. He tells you he thought he registered 60 cards main deck and 15 sideboard. He quickly gathered 75 cards last minute before the tournament started and mistakenly classified one maindeck card as sideboard while writing his decklist.

What do you do?

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Osiris has committed two separate tournament error infractions. One is Decklist Problem for submitting an illegal decklist, the penalty for which is a game loss right off the bat. The other is Deck Problem for presenting an illegal deck and sideboard to the opponent at the beginning of a game. The penalty for this infraction is generally a warning, however there is a particular upgrade path outlined in section 3.4 of the MTR…

“If the deck is discovered to be incorrect during the presentation period, and the missing cards are not in the opponent’s deck, the penalty is a Game Loss.”

Thus the Deck Problem infraction yields another Game Loss for Osiris. Although both penalties will be recorded, only one will affect his match score. In other words, the double game loss doesn’t technically become a match loss for Osiris. Section 1.2 of the IPG:

“Infractions with the same root cause, or multiple instances of the same infraction that are discovered at the same time, are treated as a single infraction.”

To remedy the main deck problem, have Osiris choose one of the five traditional basic land cards to be added as the sixtieth card. As for the sideboard, remove one Cut // Ribbons. Annotate the decklist to reflect the changes. The match will continue starting from the second game and Osiris has the choice for the play/draw rule.

Ajani By Any Other Name


You’re the Head Judge of a Standard PPTQ. While verifying that you have all the lists, you notice that Percy’s list has “2x Ajani” on it. You go to Percy’s match and notice that he has one Ajani Unyielding in his graveyard, and another in his hand. What do you do?

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Although players are allowed to truncate names of Legendary or Planeswalker characters, they can only do so if there is only one instance of that character in the format they are playing. Ajani, however, shows up twice in Standard: once as Ajani Unyielding, and once as Ajani, Valiant Protector in the Planeswalker Deck. Therefore, Percy has committed a Deck / Decklist Problem, and receives a Game Loss.

Because this decklist error was not discovered during a deck check, the penalty should not be applied until the beginning of the next round. Wait until Percy’s match is finished, then explain the penalty, and update his decklist to match his deck, being sure to check for any other errors as well. The penalty will be enforced at the start of Percy’s next match.