Why did it have to be snakes?

Anna is playing against Nigel at a Sealed PPTQ and round four has just begun. Anna asks to speak to you away from the table, shows you her hand, which contains 3 copies of . Anna explains that she is only playing 2 copies of in her main deck, and has one more which she sideboarded into her deck in round three. You confirm that Anna has just drawn her hand, and called you immediately. What do you do? Judges, feel free to discuss this scenario on Judge Apps!

Always double-check

At the beginning of round three at a standard Grand Prix Trial, you deck check table 5. Elspeth's decklist says “4 Jace, Vryn's Prodigy”, along with a variety of other blue and black spells and lands. Her deck, however, contains 56 cards and 4 unmarked Magic Origins Checklist Cards. Her box also contains 4 Jace, Vryn's Prodigy in clear sleeves. There are no other cards which can be represented by a checklist card on Elspeth's decklist or in her deck. What do you do? Judges, feel free to discuss

On Second Thought…

Albert is playing against Nora in PPTQ. Albert has lost game 1, and they are moving to game 2. Albert swaps some cards in from his sideboard, presents, then draws his opening 7. There's only one land, so he decides to mulligan. He puts his hand back on top, says "Hmm, actually..." and swaps one more pair of cards from his main deck and sideboard. He then shuffles thoroughly, presents to Nora, and draws 6. At this point, Nora says, "Hold on a minute. I don't think you're allowed to sideboard between


Alfonso is playing in a sealed GPT. He sits down for game 1 of his match, grabs a pile of roughly 40 sleeved cards out of his deck box, shuffles, and presents to his opponent. Upon drawing his opening hand, he immediately calls a judge and explains that this is his sideboard. He has several other packages sleeved for quick sideboarding, and he just grabbed the wrong pile from his deck box. What do you do? Judges, feel free to discuss this scenario on Judge Apps!

Judge, I don’t think I can ever cast this…

It is PTQ time. Andrea and Norman have presented their decks to each other for Game 1. Norman does a pile shuffle of Andrea's deck and asks afterwards, ‘So you are playing with 61 cards?’ Andrea replies, ‘What?! No…’ and quickly checks her sideboard: There are 15 cards. They call you over as a judge to help resolve the situation. While checking Andrea's deck, you find an Elemental token in the same colour sleeve as the deck. How do you resolve the situation? Judges, feel free

Slaughtering Spherical Demons

It's PTQ time, and Adam casts targeting Nate, naming . While searching through Nate’s deck, Adam finds one of his own s. After investigation, you learn that in game 1, Nate used a Detention Sphere on a demon, and accidentally shuffled it into his deck because they are using the same sleeves. What do you do? What is the appropriate infraction, penalty and fix? Judges, feel free to discuss this scenario on Judge Apps!

Setessan… Something

You perform a mid-round deck check on Alex during round 6 of a Theros sealed 5k, of which you are head judge. You quickly discover that he is playing a in his deck, but no copies of this card are marked in the Total column on his deck registration sheet. When you investigate further, you find that a is marked in his Total column, but it is not in his pool. When you speak to Alex, he says he didn't notice the error because the card wasn't in his main deck, so he didn't bother to check that it was

This seems a bit light…

At a Constructed GP, Chris calls you over to his table. He has five stacks of cards sitting in front of him and indicates to you that upon mulliganing away his initial seven card hand prior to starting game 1, he pile shuffled, only to discover that he only has 59 cards in his main deck. After confirming that his count is accurate and that the missing card is not in with his sideboard, he notes that Paul, his opponent from the previous round, had identical sleeves and that he may have his missing