Bitter over Borrowed Burn

You are a floor judge of a Standard PPTQ. During a deck check, you find that Andy has some other cards in his deck box with the sideboard that are not on his decklist. You find 4 Magma Spray in blue sleeves. Arnold is playing a Mono-red deck in green sleeves. After investigating, you find out those are cards he had lent a friend that has dropped and returned them, and you exclude Cheating. What do you do? Judges feel free to answer on Judge Apps!

Building your own Tomb

Albus and Norbert are playing Modern in the semifinals of an RPTQ you’re judging. Norbert goes first, playing a . Albus draws and plays a tapped . At the and of Albus’s turn, Norbert sacrifices the . He looks through his deck twice, then calls you over because his singleton is missing, making his current deck only 59 cards. He ends up finding it under his chair. What do you do?   Judges feel free to answer on Judge Apps!

The Secrets of Sportsmanship

Amir is playing against Nemo at a large Competitive REL Modern event. On his first turn of the match, Amir plays an Island and puts an unchecked Shadows over Innistrad checklist card onto the table, saying “Delver”, and gets a Delver of Secrets from his box to represent it in play. Nemo calls for a judge and points out the issue with the checklist card. Nemo explains that he doesn't think Amir should be severely penalized, and even offers to give Amir 4 Innistrad checklist cards


Abagail is playing in a sealed PPTQ. She sits down for game 1 of her match, grabs a pile of roughly 40 sleeved cards out of her deck box, shuffles, and presents to her opponent. Upon drawing her opening hand, she immediately calls a judge and explains that this is her sideboard. She has several other sets of cards sleeved for quick sideboarding, and she just grabbed the wrong pile from her deck box.   Judges feel free to submit your answer here!

Making the Cut

You are judging at a standard PPTQ. While performing a beginning of round deck check, you see that Osiris is playing with 59 cards in his main deck and 16 in his sideboard. Upon counting his decklist, you read there are actually 59 main deck and 16 sideboard registered. His sideboard lists the following: 3 2 3 4 2 2 You bring Osiris to the deck check table and ask him about the problem. He tells you he thought he registered 60 cards main deck and 15 sideboard. He quickly gathered