Extreme Exploration

Adelaide is playing in a Standard PPTQ, and casts Jadelight Ranger, which resolves. They point out the explore trigger, and it resolves. They set their hand face-down in front of them, and pick up the top card of their deck to look at. As they do, the second card in their deck flicks off the top of the deck, and slides into their hand, still face down. The players don’t touch anything and call for a judge.

What do you do?

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Don’t Draw Conclusions too Quickly

Ansel is playing against Nigel in a Modern PPTQ. Ansel plays a Mountain, then plays and attacks with a Goblin Guide and says “trigger, then its your go”, Nigel adjusts his live total, then reveals a Fiery Conclusion and then puts it into his hand. Nigel untaps his only land, then draws a card. Both players immediately realize the error and call for a judge, and explain exactly what happened.

What do you do?

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More Like a Standing Ballista

You’re the Head Judge of a Standard PPTQ and notice a match where Albert has a Walking Ballista in play with no counters on it. You inspect the match and see no other toughness pumping effect keeping it in play, so you step in and ask what’s going on. Albert quickly realizes his error, picks up a die and sets it on Walking Ballista, showing 1 counter. Albert explains that he has cast Walking Ballista for 1 in each game of this match, and had forgotten the counter when he did so a couple of turns ago. Albert’s opponent, Nikki, agrees that it should have one counter.

What do you do?


If the players are playing in a way that is clear to both players, but might cause confusion to an external observer, judges are encouraged to request that the players make the situation clear, but not assess an infraction or issue any penalty

There is no infraction. Both players knew and understood what was being represented, and now that there is a die on the Walking Ballista, we don’t need to do anything else.

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A Latecomer to the Breakfast Club

You are the head judge of a PPTQ and entering into the final round when floor judge Emily approaches you with an appeal. Emily has issued a game loss for Tardiness to Harley. Harley says that they was not in their seat at the start of the round, as they had gone off site with friends for breakfast. Harley protests, “but you announced the last round would end at 5:05, and I was back before that!”
What do you do?
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Return to the table and explain to Harley and their opponent… “… I’m overturning the floor judge’s ruling because while Harley was late for the beginning of the round, we don’t give game losses so long as you’re at your table before the previous round should have ended. It looks like we’re still well ahead of schedule, so let’s get y’all on your way, and get you a time extension so you get the full 50 minutes for the round”

The Secrets of Sportsmanship

Amir is playing against Nemo at a large Competitive REL Modern event. On his first turn of the match, Amir plays an Island and puts an unchecked Shadows over Innistrad checklist card onto the table, saying “Delver”, and gets a Delver of Secrets from his box to represent it in play. Nemo calls for a judge and points out the issue with the checklist card. Nemo explains that he doesn’t think Amir should be severely penalized, and even offers to give Amir 4 Innistrad checklist cards so they can continue the match from here. What do you do?

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Amir receives a Game Loss for Deck Problem, as his deck contained a card that wasn’t listed on his deck list. The penalty is a Game Loss because it was discovered by an opponent.

A Monumental Mistake

Amy is playing against Nigel in a Modern PPTQ, with her Eldrazi deck. She controls an Eldrazi Monument, an Eldrazi Displacer, and an Eldrazi Skyspawner, and several lands. Amy untaps, draws, then attacks with all of her creatures. While thinking about blockers, Nigel notices that Eldrazi Monument should have triggered and calls for a judge. Amy admits to missing her trigger, but also asks if she can use her Displacer to blink her Skyspawner to make a token to sacrifice. What do you do to fix the situation, and can Amy do what she wants?

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Buried Treasure

Andrea and Norman have presented their decks to each other for Game 1 at their local Modern PPTQ. Norman does a pile shuffle of Andrea’s deck and asks afterwards, ‘So you are playing with 61 cards?’ Andrea replies, ‘What?! No…’ and quickly checks her sideboard: There are 15 cards. They call you over as a judge to help resolve the situation.
While checking Andrea’s deck, you find a Treasure token in the same colour sleeve as the deck as part of what she presented. What do you do?
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This is not an infraction. Remove the treasure token from the deck, and let the players continue playing. Tokens, even if in the same sleeve as the deck aren’t considered when determining deck legality. Advise the players to be careful, and that sleeving tokens in different colored sleeves is recommended.

Champion of What?

Patrick is playing his God-Pharoah’s Gift Deck at a Standard 5k event run at Competitive REL.

This is Patrick’s Deck List

4 Glacial Fortress
2 Hostile Desert
2 Ipnu Rivulet
3 Irrigated Farmland
5 Island
6 Plains

4 Angel of Invention
4 Champion
3 Minister of Inquiries
3 Sacred Cat

4 Chart a Course
1 Fumigate
2 Opt
4 Refurbish
3 Strategic Planning

2 Cast Out
4 God-Pharaoh’s Gift
2 Legion’s Landing
2 Search for Azcanta

1 Angel of Sanctions
3 Anointed Procession
1 Authority of the Consuls
1 Crested Sunmare
2 Fairgrounds Warden
1 Fumigate
2 Ixalan’s Binding
1 Negate
2 Settle the Wreckage
1 Skysovereign, Consul Flagship

His list matches his deck, with the exception that he is playing 4 copies of Champion of Wits and its full name is not recorded on the decklist.

What do you do?


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Don’t short-sleeve yourself!

Amy has sat down to play her round 1 match at a Sealed PPTQ against Neve and the round has just begun. Amy calls for a judge because she discovered that she has an extra card in her deck. She knows she has exactly 40 sleeves, but while sleeving, she ended up with an extra card. Amy isn’t sure what the extra card is, so you quickly find her decklist and verify that she registered 41 cards in her main deck. Amy doesn’t have any extra sleeves, and its now 4 minutes into the round. What do you do to get Amy and Neve playing, and what (if any) infractions and penalties apply?

This is not a Decklist Problem, as the deck that Amy is trying to play matches the decklist. Amy may know that she wanted to build a 40 card deck, but she both physically built a 41 card deck, and wrote that on her deck list. There is no infraction or penalty. Amy has 10 minutes to find a suitable sleeve, resleeve her deck, or otherwise make it ready to play. As an extra emphasis, we’re already a few minutes into this call, and a long time extension will be issued. Helping Amy resleeve is an excellent use of your time to help this match get started faster.

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Temple of Oops

At a Modern PPTQ you are the Head Judge of, Ashton is playing against Naomi. Ashton plays his land for turn, a Temple of Abandon. Ashton picks up the top card of his library, looks at it, sets it back down on the table. Ashton thinks, and then picks up the card and puts it into his hand. Naomi immediately calls for a judge. What do you do?
This is a Hidden Card Error, Ashton receives a Warning. Ashton has put a card into his hand when he wasn’t supposed to, and we can’t fix it with publicly known information. Ashton reveals his hand, and Naomi chooses a card from it, since Ashton knew what the card was before he put it into his hand, we return it to the top of Ashton’s library instead of shuffling it away.
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