Collateral damage

You are a floor judge of a Regional Pro Tour Qualifier. It's round 5 and the EOR leader has asked you to gather as many entry slips as possible before time in the round. While you walk around, you see a match that ends, approach to the table and kindly ask them to fill and sign their result entry slip. Angus takes the slip while Charley is scooping his cards, records his loss 2-0 and both sign it. Before leaving the table you ask to confirm, "So, Brad wins 2-0?" Charley quickly answers, "No! Charley

A Tragic Switch

Eight minutes into round five of a PTQ, you are called over to tables 35 and 36. Albert and Yuval are sitting at table 35. Albert has just won a game, and they are just presenting their decks after sideboarding. Bob and Zachary are sitting at table 36. They are in the middle of game one. They called you when their results slips arrived. Upon looking at the slips, they realized Albert and Bob should have been playing at 35, and Yuval and Zachary should have been playing at 36. They realize

So… Where is he?

You're walking the floor at a PTQ when you notice a table with only one player. You glance at the clock and see that just over 10 minutes have elapsed, so you step in, pick up the match slip, and ask the player across from you “Are you Anton or Nikolai?” He replies “Oh, Nikolai's here. We've played game one already. He saw I was going to sideboard and I think he went to get a soda.” What do you do? Judges, feel free to discuss this scenario on Judge Apps!