Not So Fast, Mr. Monstrasaur!

Ames is playing against Netty at an Ixalan Sealed PPTQ. Netty is tapped out when Ames untaps on his turn 5. Ames draws for turn, then immediately uses one hand to tap his 4 lands, and the other to put a land and a  into play, both tapped and saying “Attack for 5”. Netty says “I guess I take the 5.” As life totals are being adjusted, Netty notices that the land Ames played was a , and calls for a judge. When you ask Ames, he says that he was playing quickly to conserve time, and

Look Ma, No Hand!

Anya is playing against Natalie on day 1 of a Grand Prix. In game 2 of the match Anya activates her 's first ability, discarding a card and saying “create a zombie.” She searches the Hour of Devastation Bundle box she is using for her deck box for a zombie token, and can't find one immediately, so takes the contents out of the box and puts them on the table. She searches some more, finds the zombies, deploys them, then returns everything to the box. Returning to the game, Anya and Natalie

Oath Of Whoops

Andrew is playing against Nadine in a Standard PPTQ. During Andrew's turn he says, “Oath?” tapping a while holding out an . Nadine lets it resolve and Andrew draws three cards, and discards an and a . Andrew realizes that he resolved his trigger incorrectly and calls for a judge, explaining that he thought he was playing an . What do you do? Judges feel free to discuss this scenario on Judge Apps!

Drawing in, the hard way

With 12 minutes left in the last Swiss round of a PPTQ you're head judging, two players call you over. They tell you that they intentionally drew their match during game 5, and didn't know how to report it. You ask what happened, and Allison tells you, “Well, we're best friends, and we both make Top 8 if we draw and the match at the next table doesn't draw. We both know this, so after we each won a game we intentionally drew the next two after about 10 turns. The next match over did finally end

Always double-check

At the beginning of round three at a standard Grand Prix Trial, you deck check table 5. Elspeth's decklist says “4 Jace, Vryn's Prodigy”, along with a variety of other blue and black spells and lands. Her deck, however, contains 56 cards and 4 unmarked Magic Origins Checklist Cards. Her box also contains 4 Jace, Vryn's Prodigy in clear sleeves. There are no other cards which can be represented by a checklist card on Elspeth's decklist or in her deck. What do you do? Judges, feel free to discuss

Be Patient, then Dash!

At a PPTQ you're head judging, Art attacks Nin with a Dashed . The players calculate damage, then Art passes the turn. Nin takes her turn, then passes back the turn. Art attacks with the Berserker again on his next turn, pumping it multiple times with its activated ability. With the last of those activations on the stack, Nin calls you over and points out that the Berserker should have been returned to Art's hand at the end of his last turn. When you investigate further, you learn that Art had

Usain Ascendancy

You are the head and only judge of a Modern format Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier when two players call you to their table and explain what has happened. Nathan drew his card for turn. With just a and lands on the battlefield, Nathan said “Bolt you twice” and put two s on the table. He then says “Ascendancy”, draws two cards, plays a land from his hand and passes turn while putting the Lightning Bolts into the graveyard. Alice then untapped and drew her card for the turn when she realized

Schrödinger’s Markings

You are the Team Lead of the Deck Checks team at a Super Sunday Series event at a Grand Prix. You perform a random beginning-of-round deck check on Andy at the beginning of round 7. You notice that throughout the event, Andy's main deck has become quite warped from the way that he is shuffling, and the sideboard has 15 flat cards in it. If you put a sideboard card into his deck, it is quite easy to see where it is from the side. What do you do? Judges, feel free to discuss this scenario on Judge

Rattleclaw Missed. Ick.

In a sealed PPTQ for which you are a floor judge, Nat calls you over. He explains that during a relatively complicated combat step on Andy's turn, Nat cast targeting one of Andy's morph creatures. You ask to see Andy's hand and it contains a , a , and a Mountain. Andy tells you that it was the Rattleclaw Mystic that was just returned to his hand. What do you do? Judges, feel free to discuss this scenario on Judge Apps!