Agent of Chaos

Acacia and Naomi are playing in a Legacy 5k. Acacia controls a . Acacia draws for turn, resolves 's ability and puts two cards back on top of her library. Acacia casts and says “Does resolve?” Naomi answers “Yes, it resolves.” Acacia then flips over the top two cards of her library, revealing a and . Naomi calls for a judge and explains that she thinks Acacia missed her cascade trigger. What do you do?   Judges feel free to answer on Judge Apps!

Scefet’s Special

Abby and Nova are playing in an Amonkhet Sealed PPTQ. Abby taps four Forests, discards a , and announces she is paying the cycling cost. She draws a card and then starts searching her library. Nova stops her and says, “Hold on. You have to search your library before you draw. It even says so at the bottom of your card.” Abby reads her  closely and replies, “Oops! You’re right. JUDGE!” What do you do? Judges feel free to answer this on Judge Apps!

Slippery Serpopard

Arf and Nance are playing in a PPTQ. They are drawing their opening hands. While dealing out the cards face down, Arf notices one of Nance's cards is sitting next to his own foot face down. He immediately calls you to the table and explains that he must have dropped it while shuffling. He had fumbled the cards a bit while shuffling, but he thought he had caught them all. When you pick up the card, it is a , a card in Nance's deck. What do you do?   Submit your answer here!

5, 6, Pick up Sticks

Arborea is playing in Modern 5K run at Competitive REL. She casts and grabs top the few cards of her deck. She counts them, realizes there are only 4, and reaches for a fifth. When she does so, the top two cards of her library stick together, and she picks up both of them. She immediately realizes her error and calls for a judge. The two stuck cards have remained separate from the other cards she had picked up, and are still stuck together in her hand when you reach the table. What do you do?   Judges

The Mystery of the Temple of Mystery

Arnold and Nadine are playing in a PPTQ. Arnold plays a , then scries. He puts the card back on top, slightly askew from the rest of his library. He then attacks with a face-down creature, which Nadine does not block. As Nadine is setting her pen down after recording her life total change, she accidentally bumps Arnold's library and flips the top card onto the table face up. Both players immediately call for a judge. What do you do? Judges, feel free to discuss this scenario on Judge Apps!

Horse of Greed

You are the head judge of PPTQ. Anna has a in play. Both Anna and Nicole are playing quickly due to it being near the end of time in the round. While watching the match, you see Anna untap, play the revealed land from the top of her library, and draw for her turn. She then records that she gained 1 life from the Courser of Kruphix trigger. Nicole immediately calls for a Judge. Assuming no cheating has occurred, what do you do? Judges, feel free to discuss this scenario on Judge Apps!

Here’s Looking At You, Deck

At a Grand Prix Trial you are running at your local store, a spectator points out a player to you and asks you to watch the way he shuffles. Before the player's match, you witness him riffle shuffle with the cards facing himself once, and then once with the cards facing away. He repeats this cycle several more times, once towards himself, once away, before presenting his deck to his opponent. You step in and ask the player some questions about his shuffling method. He answers that he always shuffles

Better late than never

Abel is playing in a Standard PTQ. He controls a , which he untaps at start of his turn. He then immediately draws a card for his turn. He pauses for a second, says, "Oh!" points to his Pain Seer, then reveals the top card of his library, which is a Swamp. He says "Swamp. Lose zero," and puts it in his hand. At this point, his opponent Nancy calls for a judge. What do you do? Judges, feel free to discuss this scenario on Judge Apps!

Big Girls Don’t Scry

Alice is playing in a Standard Grand Prix event. She has a and a dozen assorted lands in play. She begins her turn by Scrying for Thassa's beginning of upkeep ability. When she goes to her deck, a 2nd card is stuck to the top card. Alice looks and realizes that she has 2 cards and immediately calls for a judge. You arrive at the table. Alice and her opponent state that the cards are still in the same order as she immediately put the cards face down on the table, and also explain that Thassa was