Mutually Beneficial Assistance

Aidan is playing against Naaraa in the top 8 of a large Competitive REL tournament that has video and text coverage. Both players were given access to each other's decklist prior to the start of the match, as they had been previously posted online. During Game 2, you turn around from watching another match and see that both players are reading their opponent's decklist during the game. When asked, they explain that they thought this was okay, and both wanted to review what their opponent might

Schrödinger’s Satyr

You are the Head and only judge of a PPTQ. Anna is playing against Nick in semifinals. She casts and activates its "0" ability. In response, Nick plays targeting Xenagos. Anna puts Xenagos into her graveyard. Nick studies his hand while Anna touches a Satyr token in her deckbox, then pulls her hand off it, reads Xenagos and starts looking around confused. Schrödinger the Spectator says: "You still get that token!" Nick says: "Oh, I'm not sure..." and calls a judge. When you get there, Nick