Be Patient, then Dash!

At a PPTQ you're head judging, Art attacks Nin with a Dashed . The players calculate damage, then Art passes the turn. Nin takes her turn, then passes back the turn. Art attacks with the Berserker again on his next turn, pumping it multiple times with its activated ability. With the last of those activations on the stack, Nin calls you over and points out that the Berserker should have been returned to Art's hand at the end of his last turn. When you investigate further, you learn that Art had

Emrakul, the situation torn

At a Grand Prix Trial, Ajani plays and mills Nissa for ten cards. Amongst them, Emrakul is put into the graveyard. After the ten cards are put into the graveyard, Nissa immediately picks up her graveyard and begins shuffling it into her library. Ajani calls over a judge and explains he wished to respond to the Emrakul trigger with the he has in his hand. After investigation, you find out there were about 30 cards in Nissa's graveyard after Glimpse the Unthinkable had resolved. What do you do? Judges,

Break it Down Now

You have called time in round 6 of a GPT for which you are the head judge. You are overseeing the extra turns of the last match when you overhear Nate talking to his friend about how he played three really good games but since he lost and is dead in the event he gave the opponent 2-0, in case it mattered. You double check with the score keeper that the result was reported as 2-0 (it was). You then call Nate's opponent Andy to the judge area. Andy tells you “I asked for 2-0, to help with breakers

You can choose any color you want, as long as it’s black.

Aaron and Nadine are playing in a Legacy Grand Prix. Aaron has a and a in his graveyard. He announces, “I'm going to my Tyrant.” Nadine says, "OK, resolves. I choose my “. Aarons says "Oh, I didn't realize you had that... then on resolution I'm going to pick my instead." Nadine calls you over. What is your ruling? Judges, feel free to discuss this scenario on Judge Apps!