A Weak Link in the Chain?

In a Legacy GP match that you are observing, Apollo is at 3 life while playing against Neptune, who is at 5 life. Apollo casts , tapping one of his two , targeting Neptune, who has several red mana available. Neptune says “it resolves” and marks herself down to 2. Apollo looks at you, waits a few seconds, then announces he's casting a second targeting Neptune. What do you do? Judges feel free to answer on Judge Apps!


You are the only judge at a local Modern GPT. Nat calls you over and explains that Addison just cast a on his , saying "5 to your rhino." Nat responded by activating his targeting Addison's . The players had then both recalculated for Tribal Flames, and realized that Addison had only controlled 4 basic land types before Nat activated Tectonic Edge. You believe that Addison's mistake was unintentional. What do you do? Judges, feel free to discuss this scenario on Judge Apps!

The Majestic Unicorn

Andy and Nichole are playing in a Modern GPT. During his second main phase, Andy attempts to play a land for the turn. Nichole stops him, telling him that he's already played a land for the turn. Andy says “Oops!” Then he puts the land back in hand and passes the turn. Nichole untaps, draws, plays a land and casts . Andy pauses for a second then says, “Hey. I went first, and now you have more lands in play than me. I actually didn't play a land last turn.” “Huh? … Whoa. You're

Chronicler of Uh-Ohs

Apple and Nectarine are playing at a PTQ. Apple controls a  with a +1/+1 counter on it. He casts  and says "Trigger both guys." Nectarine replies, "Before she evolves, kill her with ." "Sure. Take 3. Draw for the Chronicler?" "Sure." Apple draws his card, then looks down and realizes that the doesn't have a creature with a +1/+1 counter anymore. "Uh oh. Judge!" Judges, feel free to discuss this scenario on Judge Apps!

You can choose any color you want, as long as it’s black.

Aaron and Nadine are playing in a Legacy Grand Prix. Aaron has a and a in his graveyard. He announces, “I'm going to my Tyrant.” Nadine says, "OK, resolves. I choose my “. Aarons says "Oh, I didn't realize you had that... then on resolution I'm going to pick my instead." Nadine calls you over. What is your ruling? Judges, feel free to discuss this scenario on Judge Apps!