Chronicler of Uh-Ohs

Apple and Nectarine are playing at a PTQ. Apple controls a Gyre Sage with a +1/+1 counter on it. He casts Chronicler of Heroes and says “Trigger both guys.” Nectarine replies, “Before she evolves, kill her with Orhzov Charm.”
“Sure. Take 3. Draw for the Chronicler?”
Apple draws his card, then looks down and realizes that the doesn’t have a creature with a +1/+1 counter anymore.
“Uh oh. Judge!”

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Time to wrap things up!

The Definition of Drawing Extra Cards in the IPG contains the provision: ”If the player received confirmation from his or her opponent before drawing the card (including confirming the number of cards when greater than one), the infraction is not Drawing Extra Cards.“ Since Apple confirmed with Nectarine before he drew the card, this isn’t Drawing Extra Cards.

When a Game Play Error occurs and it isn’t another specific infraction, it defaults to being a Game Rules Violation. And, since Nectarine confirmed the erroneous play, she also receives Failure to Maintain Game State.

Since the error has just occurred with no subsequent actions taken, the head judge is going to rewind this every time. To rewind a card draw, take a card from Apple’s hand and put it on top of his library. Do not shuffle the library.

We also had some discussion about whether we could invoke some sort of Out of Order Sequencing here. The answer is a definite ”no.” While it may be tempting to say that this could exist as a legal game state, neither player believes that legal series of events has occurred, and there is no evidence to contradict their understanding.