Now I know my ABC’s

You are a floor judge at a Sealed PTQ. During pool verification, Ashley calls you over. There are only two minutes left in verification, and she tells you that there is no way she’ll be able to finish in time. You discover that Norbert ignored the head judge’s three separate announcements to alphabetize the pool, and in fact didn’t even sort it by color when he registered it. How do you handle this situation?

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Good work to everyone this week. This was indeed an example of the new item in our Judge tool-belt that is Limited Procedure Violation.

The philosophy behind IPG 3.6 states
Errors in Limited procedures are disruptive and may become more so if they are not caught quickly.

The head judge announced a few times that players should sort their decks by color and alphabetically and Norbert ignored these instructions. This behavior is quite disruptive and fits quite well under TE-LPV, which carries a Warning.

Some of you suggested that Ashley also committed a Limited Procedure Violation and should be given a Warning as well. While we should certainly encourage her to call a judge earlier in the process once she realized something had gone wrong, it is unreasonable to assess an infraction for Ashley; she may not have noticed right away, or she may not have thought it was a problem until later, but in any case she did the right thing as soon as she realized it needed to happen.

You should immediately help her verify the pool. As Matt Farney mentioned, the pool getting verified is the important detail, not who verifies it.