Temple of Beats, the bad ones

During day 2 of a Grand Prix while playing against Naomi, Ashton plays his land for turn, a Temple of Abandon. Ashton picks up the top card, looks at it, sets it back down on the table. Ashton thinks, and then picks up the card and puts it into his hand. Naomi immediately calls for a judge. What is the most appropriate infraction, penalty, and any additional fix?

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Ashton has committed GPE-DEC. There is some temptation here to call this a GRV for not resolving scry correctly, and I can understand where that is coming from. It is important to remember, however, that most instances of DEC are really violations of SOME game rule. The first indication that anything incorrect has happened is Ashton adding the card to his hand. There was no preceding GPE or TE. Additionally Ashton did not seek or receive confirmation for the card he had drawn. Unfortunately for Ashton this means we have a by the book game loss for DEC.

Great work by Marc DeArmond for nailing it with some fantastic reasoning! Also, thank you for bringing up an excellent point (and oft overlooked), that players may in fact sideboard for this next game.

Additionally, thank you to Sal Cortez for bringing some alternate discussion points to light. Remember that even if you disagree with an answer there is still much to be learned from the alternate perspectives!