A Grizzly Mess

Ampharos is playing against Natu in a Standard Constructed GPT during the first week of October. Ampharos controls an Alpine Grizzly. He casts Force Away on Seeker of the Way controlled by Natu and draws a card. He then attacks for 4 with his Alpine Grizzly and passes the turn. As Natu is untapping, she realizes Ampharos never discarded a card for Force away and calls a judge. Ampharos tells you that he just didn’t finish reading the card and didn’t realize he was even supposed to discard. What do you do?

Judges, feel free to discuss this scenario on Judge Apps!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this week’s scenario! Here is the solution:

It will be a GPE-GRV for Ampharos and a GPE-FtMGS for Natu, so both players will get a Warning. We will apply the partial fix here and have Ampharos discard a card for the Force Away, then allow them to continue playing after reminding Ampharos to be more careful in the future.

Why isn’t it a rewind? Since the new IPG update, we now regard rewinds as a last resort method. Since there is a partial fix for this situation, we will apply that instead of a rewind.

Good job to everyone, and thanks again for participating! Keep an eye out for our next scenario – it will be posted soon! 🙂