Woot! Free Win!

You are the Head, and only, Judge of a Sealed Grand Prix Trial. Alex calls you over to his table, where he is playing against Brian. Alex says, “Judge, I just realized that I played this Archers’ Parapet face down a couple turns ago. I thought I was putting down a Sagu Archer. I don’t have Sagu Archer in my hand.”

You confirm that it is Game 1 and that Alex has no other Morph creatures in his hand. You issue a Game Rule Violation to Alex, upgrade the penalty to a Game Loss, and explain what will happen to both players. You take the result slip and write out the penalty while the players prepare for the 2nd game. After finishing, you look up and realize something. “Brian, did you reveal that Morph creature you had?” Brian says, “Oops, I didn’t,” and Alex agrees. What do you do?

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Because the game is ending, albeit due to a GRV upgraded to a Game Loss, Brian is still required to reveal his Morph creatures. By failing to do so, he has also committed a GRV that his opponent could not verify the legality of and should have the penalty upgraded to a Game Loss. Simultaneous Game Loss penalties are being issued to each player, so they will be recorded and the players will start a new game, with the match score 0-0. Since they have played a game of Magic, both players will be allowed to sideboard and whomever choose to play or draw in the previous game will do so for this next game as well. As was pointed out by some participants, because both Game Losses are being applied to the same game, that is what makes it a simultaneous Game Loss despite the infractions not being discovered at the exact same time.