Blue Card Monty

During a Legacy Open (Competitive REL), Abel casts Gitaxian Probe paying 2 life and targeting Noel, who responds with Brainstorm. Abel casts Counterspell targeting the Brainstorm. Noel responds by casting Daze, returning his Volcanic Island to his hand leaving his board empty. As Noel is resolving Brainstorm, Abel says “Go,” so Noel untaps and draws for his turn. At this point Abel realizes the Probe was never resolved and calls a judge.

What do you do?

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Another week in the books. This week our scenario centered around distracting spells, forgetting to take some actions, and information. Namely the correct resolution to Gitaxian Probe and changing the hand during a rewind. For this we issue a GRV to Abel and a FtMGS for Noel. Each comes with a Warning.

While it would appear that many game actions have taken place and information has changed it was correctly pointed out a rewind here is quite simple. Some consideration should be taken with the possibility of the information changing in Noels hand due to the random card being returned. However it is not a reason to deviate from the standard rewind called for by the IPG.

Placing a random card from Noels hand on top of the library is simple (and no one fell for the trap of Volcanic Island being a known card). Once we’ve done that it’s a simple matter of Noel revealing his current hand and Abel drawing his own card.