Third time’s a charm

At a PPTQ, you are called over to a table in round 5 where Anson has cast Fated Retribution with 5WW (instead of 4WWW). Nothing has happened in the game since it was cast, and you back the game up. You ask Anson if he has had any GRVs earlier in the tournament. You discover that he had received a Game Loss in round 2 for not revealing an Aura to Heliod’s Pilgrim‘s ability as well as a Warning in round 3 for not losing a life for cracking a fetch. What do you do?

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Thanks for participating in this week’s Bronze scenario. Everyone was able to quickly find the correct response which is wonderful. The IPG was recently updated which makes the following more clear:

Originally posted by IPG 2:
A third or subsequent penalty for a Game Play Error offense in the same category is upgraded to a Game Loss.

This means that even if one or both of the previous Game Rule Violations had been upgraded to a Game Loss, the third infraction for Game Rule Violation will also be upgraded.