Serum Powder

Angus and Nathan are playing a Modern PPTQ where you are the only judge. Angus has conceded game 1 once Nathan resolved Splinter Twin on his Pestermite and was about to attack him with his army of minions.

Nathan keeps his opening hand while Angus is mulliganing to 6. After Angus announces mulligan to 5, Nathan puts his hand into his library and starts shuffling while he says “I’ll mulligan because you are going to 5.” Angus calls you? After a short investigation you discard cheating.

What do you do?

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Thank you everyone for participating in this week’s scenario. All of you detected Nathan’s infraction correctly, Game Play Error – Improper Drawing at the Begining of Game. The penalty is pretty clear, Warning and the only area where there have been some discussions is on how to apply the fix.

Nathan must decide to keep or continue taking mulligans with a hand of 5 cards. Asking him to draw 6 and remove 1 card at random is completely correct as per IPG. However, if we ask him to draw a hand of 5 cards we are executing a shortcut for that procedure, not a deviation.