The Missing Link

You are the sole judge at a Modern Grand Prix Trial. Adam controls Angelic Skirmisher and says, “Combat?” Neville indicates no responses. Adam then continues by saying “Lifelink” and instantly tapping his angel as an attacker. Neville calls you over, pointing out that Adam has missed his trigger. What is the appropriate infraction, penalty, and any additional fix?

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As most of you figured out, Adam has proposed to use a conventional shortcut that passes priority to Neville during beginning of combat. The first opportunity for Neville to receive priority during combat is with Adam’s trigger on the stack. Adam has clearly not missed his trigger. Even though Neville might not have been clear about it or even known, he was choosing not to respond to the trigger. Adam then resolves his trigger correctly but does continue to declare his attack very fast. While Adam’s play is not ideal, it is also not illegal.

The ruling is no penalty, untap the angel and allow Neville to respond after the trigger resolves, before attackers are declared, if he so desires.