Let’s not scry about it

You’re the Head Judge of a Standard PPTQ. Norton calls you over, and tells you this story:

“Anton attacked this turn with his Abbot of Keral Keep and Avaricious Dragon, and played Titan’s Strength on Abbot to deal lethal damage to me. I killed his Dragon with Gideon’s Reproach. Titan’s Strength resolved, but he forgot to scry. He just said ‘Go’ then we realized he forgot.”

What do you do?

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At first, this situation appears to have a game play error, since Anton was instructed to scry and hasn’t. However, the most recent MTR update gave us a new tournament shortcut that applies. How convenient!

MTR 4.2

A player who does not Scry when instructed to is assumed to have chosen to leave the cards in the same order.

Because that shortcut is in place, this scenario is actually quite simple: No infraction, no penalty, no fix. The sequence of actions is completely legal, and the players should be instructed to continue play from where they were.