Straight from the Mouth

In a Modern PPTQ where you are the head judge, Alex calls you over to his match. He explains that during his turn, he had attacked with a Celestial Colonnade. Nathan responded by activating a Mouth of Ronom targeting the Celestial Colonnade. Alex responded by casting a Sphinx’s Revelation for 4. He gains 4 life and draws 4 cards. After considering his options, he picked up the Celestial Colonnade and moved it to the graveyard. Alex then played an Island and passed the turn. Nathan has just drawn his card for the turn when Alex noticed that Nathan did not put the Mouth of Ronom into his graveyard. You determine that Nathan forgot he needed to sacrifice it because of Alex’s immediate response with the Sphinx’s Revelation. What do you do?


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Nathan receives a Warning for Game Rules Violation, and Alex a Warning for Failure to Maintain Game State. We don’t need to consider the complicated rewind, as many of you pointed out, that rewind is certainly very disruptive. We apply the partial fix and move Mouth of Ronom to Alex’s graveyard.