Scefet’s Special

Abby and Nova are playing in an Amonkhet Sealed PPTQ. Abby taps four Forests, discards a Shefet Monitor, and announces she is paying the cycling cost. She draws a card and then starts searching her library. Nova stops her and says, “Hold on. You have to search your library before you draw. It even says so at the bottom of your card.” Abby reads her Shefet Monitor closely and replies, “Oops! You’re right. JUDGE!”

What do you do?

Judges feel free to answer this on Judge Apps!


Shefet Monitor’s triggered ability is optional. Drawing the card and declining to search is legal, so there was no infraction the moment Abby drew a card. Nova couldn’t have been sure there was an issue until Abby started searching. Nova did stop the game immediately after watching Abby make the first noticeable error. This means Abby committed a Looking at Extra Cards infraction and she receives a warning. Have Abby shuffle the random portion of her library and remind her she always needs to search her library before drawing a card every time she cycles Shefet Monitor.