Agent of Chaos

Acacia and Naomi are playing in a Legacy 5k. Acacia controls a Sylvan Library. Acacia draws for turn, resolves Sylvan Library‘s ability and puts two cards back on top of her library. Acacia casts Shardless Agent and says “Does Shardless Agent resolve?” Naomi answers “Yes, it resolves.” Acacia then flips over the top two cards of her library, revealing a Misty Rainforest and Abrupt Decay. Naomi calls for a judge and explains that she thinks Acacia missed her cascade trigger. What do you do?


Judges feel free to answer on Judge Apps!

Acacia has missed her cascade trigger. Since it is not generally detrimental, she does not receive a penalty for missed trigger. Ask Naomi if she would like the trigger to go on the stack now. In either case, Acacia has looked at extra cards by resolving the cascade ability that wasn’t there. Acacia receives a warning for Looking at Extra Cards. Since the two cards revealed from the top were known from Sylvan Library and the order they came off the library is not in question, we can simply place the revealed cards back on top in the order they came off and leave the library as is without shuffling and proceed with the game. Note that if Naomi does choose to have cascade go on the stack, the same two cards will end up being revealed, but we still want both players to have priority before it resolves.