Buried Treasure

Andrea and Norman have presented their decks to each other for Game 1 at their local Modern PPTQ. Norman does a pile shuffle of Andrea’s deck and asks afterwards, ‘So you are playing with 61 cards?’ Andrea replies, ‘What?! No…’ and quickly checks her sideboard: There are 15 cards. They call you over as a judge to help resolve the situation.
While checking Andrea’s deck, you find a Treasure token in the same colour sleeve as the deck as part of what she presented. What do you do?
Judges feel free to answer on Judge Apps!
This is not an infraction. Remove the treasure token from the deck, and let the players continue playing. Tokens, even if in the same sleeve as the deck aren’t considered when determining deck legality. Advise the players to be careful, and that sleeving tokens in different colored sleeves is recommended.