A less-than-ravenous Ravager

You are the Head Judge of a Modern PPTQ, wandering onto the floor to watch some matches. The first one catches your eye; Anakin is attacking with a bunch of creatures, including an Arcbound Ravager with no counters. You don’t see any effect pumping his toughness so you assume it is a 0/0 and step in.

“Excuse me gentlemen, why is that Ravager still in play?” Anakin looks at the board, quickly picks up a die that was next to the playing field and sets it (showing 1) on the Ravager, saying: “I must have forgotten to put it on when I cast it.” Naberrie looks at the die on the Ravager, and goes back to considering his blocks.

What do you do, and why?

Judges, feel free to discuss this scenario on Judge Apps!

As judges we are sometimes swayed by wanting to do too much. Everybody that took some time to answer in the forum responses had it right, a special shout out goes to John Trout who took time to find and quote the applicable part of the IPG. It is clear in this case both players agreed on the game state, that all that was needed was a clarification for spectators and to make sure this doesn’t become an issue later on.

Clarifying the game state, thanking the players and wishing them a good game is all we need to do here.