Collateral damage

You are a floor judge of a Regional Pro Tour Qualifier. It’s round 5 and the EOR leader has asked you to gather as many entry slips as possible before time in the round. While you walk around, you see a match that ends, approach to the table and kindly ask them to fill and sign their result entry slip. Angus takes the slip while Charley is scooping his cards, records his loss 2-0 and both sign it.

Before leaving the table you ask to confirm, “So, Brad wins 2-0?” Charley quickly answers, “No! Charley wins 2-0.” You give them the result entry slip to fix it and find out that Charley is playing at the wrong table. Next to them Brad is still playing at the wrong table against Dan.

What do you do?

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Thank you all for participating in this week’s scenario. Everyone clearly identified that Charley and Brad have commited Tournament Error – Tardiness because they sat at an incorrect table and played the wrong opponent. This is one of the 4 examples for this infraction we can find in IPG.

D. A player sits at an incorrect table and plays the wrong opponent.

For the penalty, we must look at the Additional Remedy section of the infraction to find the appropiate.

A player not in his or her seat 10 minutes into the round will receive a Match Loss and be dropped from the tournament unless he or she reports to the Head Judge or Scorekeeper before the end of the round.

According to this both Charley and Brad will receive a Match Loss. We must be very careful when explaining the penalty because Brad and, specially, Charley will be disgusted for the consequences of their error. Although the Additional Remedy states that they will be dropped from the tournament unless they report to the Head Judge or Scorekeeper before the end of the round, it is not necessary to apply this clause unless any of them really wants to drop.

As Matthew has stated, fixing the matches so that they match how Charley and Brad sat is not a good idea since it’s not supported by policy.

Finally, write down the correct match results and the infractions.