Brightness of the Future

You’re the Head and only judge of a limited Magic Origins GPT. Arnold is playing against Naomi. Arnold controls Shadows of the Past and a Thopter token. At the end of Arnold’s turn, Naomi targets Thopter with Fiery Impulse. After the spell resolves, Arnold points to his Shadows of the Past, saying “trigger”, puts the card into his hand while resolving the Scry – and then says ”oh, no, I wasn’t supposed to … Judge! I just drew THIS” and shows you a Languish.

What do you do?

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This is indeed an example of DEC, and by the new IPG, you should ask Arnold to reveal his hand to Naomi, and she should choose a card from it to be shuffled in an unknown part of Arnold’s library.

The action of Scry 1 was performed, incorrectly; once we fix the DEC, we aren’t going to back up and Scry again. (Doing so could create an advantage for Arnold.)

Arnold will receive a Warning for Drawing Extra Cards. Naomi should not receive a Warning for FtMGS, because she did not have reasonable time to point out the mistake or prevent Arnold from making it.