I mustache you a question

You are the head and only judge for a standard PPTQ. Adam is playing against Norbert. Norbert controls a Mogis, God of Slaughter. Adam controls an Orchard Spirit and an Aven Battle Priest. Adam starts his turn saying “Untap, Upkeep, Draw” and draws his card for turn, he then slams Abzan Advantage on the table saying, “Target you!” to Norbert. Norbert then says, “Hold on, are you sacking something or taking 2?” Adam calls for a judge and says that Norbert missed his trigger. What do you do?

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Hello again friends! Let’s get down to it!
Norbert has not missed his trigger. He demonstrated awareness of the trigger before taking an active role (such as taking an action or explicitly passing priority). Therefore no penalty is applied and the trigger resolves.

The new bit of the IPG we wanted to highlight here is some clarifying wording on when a trigger is missed by NAP.

Players may not cause triggered abilities controlled by an opponent to be missed by taking game actions or otherwise prematurely advancing the game. During an opponent’s turn, if a trigger’s controller demonstrates awareness of the trigger before they take an active role (such as taking an action or explicitly passing priority), the trigger is remembered.