Zurgoing to have a problem…

You are the only judge at a Standard PPTQ. You get called over to a match. On the board, Andrew has a Zurgo Bellstriker and Nadine has two face down creatures. Andrew has just attacked with his Zurgo Bellstriker and Nadine was thinking about blocking. While looking at her morphs, Nadine noticed that the one she played last turn is in fact a Whisperwood Elemental. She is the one who called you over. She is really apologetic about the situation and she shows you that she has a Deathmist Raptor in hand, which she thought she had played as a morph. The Raptor is the only morph-card in her hand. You ask the players when the morph was played, and they agree it was at the end of Nadine’s last turn. You believe it was an honest mistake and rule out Cheating. What is your ruling?

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As the Raptor is the only morph-card in hand, it is pretty clear what Nadine’s intent was. It has been less then a turn since the morph was cast, and if Nadine has not drawn a card after casting the morph, we can swap the Whisperwood for the Raptor. Good catch on the need to make sure this is the case. The penalty is indeed a Game Rule Violation – Warning for Nadine and no penalty for Andrew.