Four-gotten Cards

Andrew is playing in a Modern GPT this coming weekend. He sacrifices his Arid Mesa and asks, “Fetch?” Newton responds by activating his own Misty Rainforest, finding an Island. After that resolves, Andrew picks up his library and starts searching. He pulls out a Sacred Foundry, then puts it back and gets a Stomping Ground instead. Then he shuffles and presents his deck, when he looks around and says, “Where did my hand go?” After counting, the players figure out that Andrew shuffled the 4 cards from his hand into his library accidentally.

What do you do?

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As many people correctly identified, this error is covered under the new Hidden Cards Error infraction. The player has committed an error that can’t be corrected with publically available information (the hand is not a public zone). Previously, the player would have had to continue with no hand, as no remedy was available. Now, Newton will search the library for a number of cards that were in Andrew’s hand, and those cards become Andrew’s hand. Andrew also has the opportunity to concede the game if he wants to avoid this remedy.