I Landed on a Mountain

You are head judging a Battle for Zendikar Sealed GPT with a store owner (who is L0) as a helper, who is doing deck checks for the first time. You’re deck checking, and your helper tells you the deck he is checking is about half blue cards and half green cards, but on the checklist player has registered 7 Mountains and 9 Forests. He is actually playing 7 Islands and 9 Forests, and everything else is correct. He doesn’t know what to do and asks for your help.

What would you do?

Judges, feel free to discuss this scenario on Judge Apps!

This is indeed a Deck/Decklist Problem. The IPG allows Head Judges to not issue the penalty in this case if they believe the correct land count is obvious.

Tell your judge to not issue any penalty here (if you’re going with this option) and use this situation for some policy discussions with your floor judge!
Kudos to Marc for pointing out that it is always good to praise judges for making correct decisions!