Sudden Death

You are the Head Judge of a Standard PPTQ. Albert casts Languish to kill Nathan’s Dragonlord Ojutai and Mantis Rider, then ends his turn. Nathan untaps, draws and looks at his lands to cast a Siege Rhino, when he finds his Rattleclaw Mystic between his lands and realizes the error. They call you.

What do you do?

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This scenario was about a small modification in GPE-GRV partial fix.

Nathan has comited GPE-GRV and Albert GPE-FTMGS, they will both receive a Warning for their infractions. As for the fix, here we have a current IPG partial fixes extract:

If an object is in an incorrect zone either due to a required zone change being missed or due to being put into the wrong zone during a zone change, the identity of the object was known to all players, and it can be moved with only minor disruption to the state of the game, put the object in the correct zone.

So, we have a partial fix that can be applied in this situation with minor disruption to the game state, there’s no need to think about a backup. We will just apply the partial fix putting Rattleclaw Mystic in the graveyard and then we should ask Nathan and Albert to take more care of the game state.