Sticky toppings can get messy

You are head judging a Competitive Vintage event. Anthony calls you to his table. He is holding two cards and says: “I just drew for the turn and these two were stuck together, but I know the order of the top of my deck.” He points at his Sensei’s Divining Top. “This is the card I should not have drawn.” He shows you an Island. You investigate. Barnabus, his opponent, says he didn’t notice Anthony drawing two cards at once and that both cards were in his hand with some other cards when he called you. After you make sure there is nothing malicious going on, what do you do?

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Pretty much every one who answered got it right. There was a little hidden trap in that you find out only at the end of the scenario that there were actually more than 2 cards in Anthony’s hand. This was a lesson for us to be more clear but might as well be a lesson to you, dear reader, to pay attention to details.

The official answer:

Anthony gets a warning for HCE. Reveal Anthony’s hand to Barnabus, Barnabus gets to choose a card that gets placed onto the library of Anthony’s deck since the extra card was previously known to him.