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Alexander and Neena are playing in a PPTQ. Alexander controls two Smuggler's Copters and two creatures. He crews both of his Smuggler's Copters and attacks Neena with them. Alexander points at his attackers, announces “Draw two. Discard two.”, picks up two cards from his library and, before Neena can stop him, adds them to his hand. Neena calls for a judge. What do you do?

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As stated in MIPG section 2.3; GPE – Hidden Card Error (in part):

If the error put cards into a set prematurely and other operations involving cards in the set should have been performed first, the player reveals the set of cards that contains the excess and his or her opponent chooses a number of previously-unknown cards. Put those cards aside until the point at which they should have been legally added, then return them to the set.

In this case, the set of cards is Alexander’s hand, and the second card drawn for Smuggler’s Copter triggers was the prematurely added card. To remedy this error, Alexander reveals his hand and Neena will choose one card that Alexander cannot discard for the first Smuggler’s Copter triggered ability. We set that card aside, have Alexander complete the first trigger, and then add it back to his hand before discarding a card for the second trigger. Neena does not receive Failure to Maintain Game state, as she called for a judge as soon as he could have noticed the error.