Why did it have to be snakes?

Anna is playing against Nigel at a Sealed PPTQ and round four has just begun. Anna asks to speak to you away from the table, shows you her hand, which contains 3 copies of Narnam Cobra. Anna explains that she is only playing 2 copies of Narnam Cobra in her main deck, and has one more which she sideboarded into her deck in round three. You confirm that Anna has just drawn her hand, and called you immediately. What do you do?

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Anna receives a Game Loss for Deck/Decklist problem. While Anna has notified a judge immediately following drawing an opening hand with a wrong sideboard card, the downgrade does not apply when the extra sideboard cards also appear in the main deck.

Do not apply this downgrade if the error resulted in more copies of a main deck card being played than were registered. For example if the decklist has two copies of Shock in the main deck and two in the sideboard, but there are three copies of Shock in the library, the penalty is not downgraded.

Have Anna fix her deck to match her decklist, and the match will begin on game two.