The Eldrazi Diet

Arianna and Neff are playing in a Standard PPTQ. Neff controls Ulamog, The Ceaseless Hunger. Arianna has several cards in her graveyard and 20 cards exiled face-up by Neff’s Ulamog. Arianna casts Inverter of Truth. She grabs her deck and says, “My library is exiled and my graveyard will become my library,” to which Neff responds with a nod. Arianna picks up her graveyard and begins shuffling it. After a moment she picks up her old library and says, “Hold on, wanted to check something first,” and begins to look through it. Neff calls for a judge and when you arrive to the table Arianna explains that she wanted to know what she was losing from the Inverter of Truth trigger. What do you do?


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Arianna has committed Game Play Error – Game Rules Violation by looking at face-down exiled cards when she was not allowed to. Instruct Arianna to leave the exiled cards face down and finish the resolution of Inverter of Truth‘s triggered ability. Neff is not issued a warning for Failure to Maintain Game State because he called attention to Arianna’s error at the earliest possible time.

Again, while Arianna’s actions may appear to be Looking at Extra Cards, the recent policy update narrows the scope of LEC to cards in a player’s deck and no other zone.