Negative, Queller, the Graveyard is Full

Anita and Norris are playing in a Standard PPTQ. Anita casts Cathartic Reunion in her first Main phase, discarding two of the five cards in her hand. Norris responds by playing Spell Queller, and exiles her Cathartic Reunion. Anita then destroys Spell Queller with a Harnessed Lightning. She again casts Cathartic Reunion, says “Draw three?” Norris agrees, Anita draws her cards, and passes the turn. Two turn cycles later, on Anita’s turn, Norris asks Anita how many cards are in her hand, and she shows him 6 cards. Norris then calls for a judge, and explains that Anita should have two fewer cards, because she didn’t discard when she cast Cathartic Reunion the second time. Anita agrees that she forgot to discard the second time. What do you do?

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Anita must discard two cards. This is the partial fix outlined in IPG 2.5. Spell Queller’s ability only makes the mana cost free- any additional costs still must be paid. Finally, Anita is issued a Warning for Game Rules Violation, and Norris a warning for Failure to Maintain Game State. The argument that Norris should also get GRV exists, but ultimately Anita is responsible for her spells, and even though Spell Queller changed how casting the spell worked, Cathartic Reunion is Anita’s card.