A Terribly Tricky Traversal

Amiee is playing against Nico at a Competitive Standard 1k. Aimee casts Traverse the Ulvenwald, searches for a card, and puts it into her hand. Nico points out that she didn’t reveal, and calls for a judge. At this point, Aimee realizes that she didn’t actually have delirium, and tells you that she couldn’t have searched for the card that she did. Looking at Aimee’s hand, you see that she does not have any basic lands there. What do you do?

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Aimee receives a warning for Hidden Card Error. Have Aimee reveal her hand, and Nico chooses 1 card as the card that was searched for. Since that card isn’t a basic land, treat it as excess and shuffle it into Aimee’s library. Then have Aimee resolve Traverse the Ulvenwald correctly, searching for a basic land.