Kalitas and Company

Adrian and Nina are playing in a Standard PPTQ. Adrian cast Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet during his pre-combat main phase and proceeds to attack with his Ishkanah, Grafwidow. Nina blocks with her Thraben Inspector and before damage she sacrifices Selfless Spirit to make her creatures indestructible. On Adrian’s end step Nina activates her Evolving Wilds to search for Plains. Nina draws her card for the turn and then realizes that the Selfless Spirit wasn’t exiled, and Adrian didn’t create a Zombie token. JUDGE!

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In this situation both players have committed a Game Rules Violation for Nina not exiling the Selfless Spirit and Adrian not creating the zombie Token. The partial fix of moving the Selfless Spirit from the graveyard to exile can’t be applied as it’s only resolving one half of Kalitas’s replacement effect. Rewinding the game requires a back up through a drawn card and a search effect making this too complicated to rewind, so the game is left as is: the Selfless Spirit is in the graveyard and no Zombie token is created.