Slippery Serpopard

Arf and Nance are playing in a PPTQ. They are drawing their opening hands. While dealing out the cards face down, Arf notices one of Nance’s cards is sitting next to his own foot face down. He immediately calls you to the table and explains that he must have dropped it while shuffling. He had fumbled the cards a bit while shuffling, but he thought he had caught them all. When you pick up the card, it is a Prowling Serpopard, a card in Nance’s deck. What do you do?


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Arf receives a warning for Looking at Extra Cards. While Arf probably didn’t see the face of the card or gain any additional information, he may have, so it fits the definition for Looking at Extra Cards. Any time a player might have seen the face of a card they weren’t entitled to see by their own action, Looking at Extra Cards applies.

Shuffle the extra card into Nance’s library and then have the players finish drawing opening hands.