Wrapped Away

You are a floor judge watching Allie and Nemo play in a sealed PPTQ. Allie is attacking Nemo with her Labyrinth Guardian. Before the combat damage step, Nemo casts Final Reward targeting the Labyrinth Guardian and says, “Exile the Guardian before damage.” Allie moves her Labyrinth Guardian card on top of her other exiled cards and then looks at her hand, thinking about which creature to cast after combat. What do you do?

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Allie has committed a Game Play Error – Missed Trigger infraction for not remembering to sacrifice her Labyrinth Guardian before letting Nemo’s Final Reward resolve. Since Labyrinth Guardian’s triggered ability is considered generally detrimental, Allie will receive a warning for the infraction. Pause the game and indicate the missed trigger to the players. Nemo may choose to put the trigger on the stack now, but it won’t do anything as it resolves.