Don’t Draw Conclusions too Quickly

Ansel is playing against Nigel in a Modern PPTQ. Ansel plays a Mountain, then plays and attacks with a Goblin Guide and says “trigger, then its your go”, Nigel adjusts his live total, then reveals a Fiery Conclusion and then puts it into his hand. Nigel untaps his only land, then draws a card. Both players immediately realize the error and call for a judge, and explain exactly what happened.

What do you do?

Issue Ansel a Warning for a Game Rules Violation. Ansel legally drew the card for his turn, and legally looked at the Firey Conclusion, so this isn’t Looking at Extra Cards or Hidden Card Error.

To fix the problem, rewind to the point of the error by reversing the draw step, picking a random card from the set of possible candidates (which would be everything in Nigel’s hand excluding the Fiery Conclusion) and putting it on top of his library, tapping his previously tapped land. Then reverse combat damage on Ansel’s turn by adjusting Nigel’s life total for the amount of damage Goblin Guide had dealt, and then reverse the Goblin Guide trigger in the declare attackers step by putting the Fiery Conclusion back on top of Nigel’s library.

Judges feel free to answer on Judge Apps.