A Confusing Copying Conundrum

Alex is playing against Nicky in your local MCQ. Alex casts Chemister’s Insight from their graveyard, and Nicky responds by casting the Expansion half of Expansion // Explosion. Alex Attempts to Cancel the Expansion, but Nicky has a counterspell of his own, responding with Negate. The players resolve everything, but Alex puts the Chemister’s Insight into their graveyard. In the confusion, Nicky correctly draws their cards from their copy of Chemister’s Insight, but Alex forgets to. Nicky starts their turn, plays a land, casts Niv-Mizzet, Parun. They then realize that Alex should have 2 more cards in hand and the Chemister’s Insight should have been exiled, and call for a judge.


Alex has failed to correctly resolve Chemister’s Insight leading to not having drawn 2 cards and Chemister’s Insight in the wrong zone.
This is Game Rules Violation Warning for Alex and a Failure to Maintain Game State Warning for Nicky.
We apply 2 separate partial fixes
Alex failed to draw cards so she draws 2 cards
Alex moved Chemister’s Insight from the stack to the graveyard instead of exile so we move it to exile. This is okay as it doesn’t cause major disruption.

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