Parter of Fails

Amandine and Nougat are playing in an MCQ, where you are the head judge. Nougat controls Teferi, Hero of Dominaria and Narset, Parter of Veils. Last turn, Nougat activated Teferi’s -3 ability targeting Amandine’s Hydroid Krasis, putting it 3rd from the top of Amandine’s library. This turn, Amandine has drawn a card, and cast Opt. While resolving Opt, Amandine scries a card to the bottom and draws a card. Amandine then plays Breeding Pool untapped. Nougat then points out that Amandine wasn’t supposed to draw for the Opt and calls for a judge.

What do you do?

Amandine receives a Warning for a Game Rule Violation. Back up to the point of the error by returning Breeding Pool to Amandine’s hand and adjusting their life total. Then return Hydroid Krasis from Amandine’s hand to the top of their library.

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