Here, let me shuffle… uh…

Agnes and Ned are playing in a Standard PPTQ this coming weekend. Agnes casts Titan’s Strength, choosing to leave the card on top. She then attacks and passes the turn to Ned. During his pre-combat main phase, Ned casts Talent of the Telepath. In response, Agnes cracks a Bloodstained Mire, puts a Mountain onto the battlefield, then shuffles and immediately reveals the top 7 cards without presenting her deck.

Ned responds, “Uhh, I needed to cut that first… judge?”

What do you do?

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As you’ve collectively and correctly concluded, after the most recent IPG update this is now a case of Tournament Error – Insufficient Shuffling, which is accompanied by a warning. Agnes is expected to present her deck to her opponent to allow for further randomization. Not doing so opens up the possibility for manipulating the deck to her advantage, especially in situations like this where the top of the library will be immediately interacted with.

As far as the fix is concerned, the IPG tells us to shuffle the random portion of the library. As Agnes just used a Bloodstained Mire, this is the entire deck. Instruct her to re-shuffle the deck (including the seven cards she revealed), present it to Ned for his opportunity for randomization, and then proceed to correctly resolving the Talent of the Telepath.