A Bit Impulsive

Anna is playing against Nick in a Standard PPTQ. At the end of Anna’s turn, Nick casts Anticipate, sets his hand aside, and picks three cards from his library. When looking at them, he realizes that two of the cards were stuck together and he is looking at 4 cards now. Nick calls for a judge and you take the call.

What would you do?

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Under the new IPG, it is Drawing Extra Cards. The remedy includes only cards that were looked at while resolving the spell. So Nick will show 4 cards to Anna, and she will choose which one to shuffle back into unknown portion of Nick’s library. Be attentive to account for known cards in the library!

Nick will also receive a Warning.

If you are interested in philosophy behind this part of DEC, you can read this recent article by Toby Elliott (slightly reworded IPG text included): http://blogs.magicjudges.org/telliott/2015/10/14/tweaking-the-new-dec-rules/