Nissa’s Chosen

You’re the Head and only judge of a Standard PPTQ. August is playing against November during the third game of the final match. August controls Nissa, Sage Animist and has 2 cards in hand. August activates Nissa’s +1 ability, looks at the top card of his library for a moment, then puts it into his hand. November is about to stop him, but it’s too late. Both players immediately call a judge. August shows you that he has 2 Mountains and a Crater’s Claws in hand.

What do you do?

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This is a clear example from new IPG 2.3:
Game Play Error — Drawing Extra Cards

A player does any of the following:
Fails to verify specific characteristics of a card with his or her opponent as required by a spell or ability
before putting it into his or her hand

C. A player is instructed to put the top card of his library into his hand if it is a creature card and does not
reveal it before doing so.

Fix for that situation would be: August reveals his hand and November selects 1 card. This card are shuffled into the random portion of the deck. Once this remedy has been applied, August does not repeat the instruction of Nissa’s ability that caused extra cards to be drawn.

Though August and November immediately called a judge, we issue Warning to August for GPE-DEC, but don’t issue any penalties to November.